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We're building a new sugarhouse!
Stay tuned to learn more and to keep up with our progress.

The start of something great! We had dump trucks rolling all day, bringing loads of shale to our Woodmancy Woods.

We had a very productive weekend and have begun making moves toward a brand new  sugarhouse! This one will have so much room for activities. We can't wait to welcome you for a wonderfully sweet visit.


More progress!

One challenge we've had to overcome time and time again is how to load 500 pound barrels onto a truck. Or the fact we don't have a place to easily accept large deliveries of containers, equipment, etc.


This weekend we built the retaining wall for our new loading dock.



6/11/2022 - More site prep!



6/30/2022 - The floor for our new sugarhouse has been poured! Huge thanks to DG Masonry, Inc. for making it look amazing!


292790160_2062375147303241_5808085844913827754_n (1).jpg

7/5/2022 - Our order pickup cubbies have been moved to a new home! Their previous location was behind where the new sugarhouse will be, so we had to find a new spot. Now they're easier to get to, making your contactless pickup experience even sweeter.

Want to place an order and opt for contactless pickup?
Check out our SHOP page.


7/15/2022 - First load of lumber delivered!!


8/20/2022 - The majority of framing has been completed and the roof is on!

8/26/2022 - The entryway has been added and siding has begun. We are in love with how this building is coming together!


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