Our founder, Dave Williams, breathed life into DHM when he tapped 15 maple trees in his backyard in 1968. He started out carrying buckets of sap through the woods to his first boiling pan, where he boiled the sap down to maple syrup.  And eventually, our first sugar house was built.

Now more than 50 years later, quite a bit has changed.  Dave, along with his son and business partner Nathan, manage the DHM sugarbush of over 7,500 taps.  Thankfully, there have been advances in technology over the years.  We no longer primarily use buckets (although we do have a few for fun), but instead use a tubing system as well as a vacuum pump and reverse osmosis.

Nathan, with his wife Cristy and baby girl Kinslee, have worked to grow the family business by adding more taps, creating more maple products and providing more opportunities to visit and learn about pure maple syrup production!

Heading 1

New York State Fair Competitions


Grand Champion (and first place) - Dark Syrup

Miscellaneous other ribbons


Third place - Golden Syrup

Grand Champion (and first place) - Amber Syrup

Third place - Dark Syrup

Second Place - Maple Sugar Shapes


First Place - Golden Syrup

Grand Champion (and first place) -Amber Syrup

Second place - Dark Syrup

First place - Maple Sugar Shapes

At Dutch Hill Maple, we take pride in producing high quality maple products right here in beautiful Central New York.

To show our ongoing commitment to food safety, environmentally responsible practices and the effort to promote local products, we are proud to say we are officially New York State Grown and Certified.

Dutch Hill Maple's Core Values:

Quality. Community. Tradition. Family. Environment. Education.


Verify all products are up to our high quality standard.

Act as representatives of our business in a way our community would be proud.

Learn advances in technology to increase efficiencies while holding true to traditional standards.

Understand the importance of family and teamwork.

Ensure measures are taken to protect and preserve the forest landscape for future generations.

Serve the consumer by providing education regarding the importance of how food is made and where it comes from.

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