Want to learn more and see the sugaring world for yourself? We would love to take your group on a tour of our sugarbush and modern-day sugarhouse! Reach out to us at to work out date/time and pricing details.

A typical tour* at $10 per person consists of:

  • Starting at our Woodmancy Woods property, we will take a short hike through the sugarbush to learn about the tubing system (including set up, maintenance and tapping).

  • We will then check out the Woodmancy Tank House to learn about the vacuum system and see where thousands of gallons of sap pour in each season.

  • After a short drive over to our sugarhouse, we will go through the process of taking sap to syrup and everything in between.

  • And we couldn’t end without a bit of sweet sampling!


Our tours last about 1.5-2 hours (please note there are two locations to tour - our Woodmancy Woods and Sugarhouse on Dutch Hill) and includes your choice of a small jug of maple syrup or a package of maple candy. Take-home favors must be ordered at least a week prior to tour date.

We encourage you to take pictures! And please share – we want to see what you see!

**Please note, all 2020 group tours (and open houses) have been put on hold due to COVID-19 concerns/precautions. Please check back - we hope to offer these services again in 2021.**

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